Jacob Gerstein's Birthday

It's Jacob's Birthday, and he's celebrating in a very special way! Jacob LOVES everything at Slide Ranch, and hopes that in lieu of gifts, you'll support Slide Ranch in its mission to plant kids in nature. Slide Ranch hosts 10,000 children and families in hands-on learning activities that connects them to where their food comes from and their natural environment, fostering a generation of environmental stewards. By farming, cooking, caring for animals and exploring wilderness and the coast, Slide Ranch teaches people of all ages to see the connection between their own health, a healthy food system and a healthy environment.

The Gersteins are so grateful that you are celebrating with them by donating to Slide Ranch, and are excited to match every gift made to Slide Ranch in honor of Jacob's Birthday! Thank you!

Donate to Celebrate Jacob's Birthday!

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Slide Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donors will receive a letter thanking them in receipt of their gift.