Summer Camps at Slide have concluded for 2017

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Slide Ranch Summer Camps are an exciting way to light up any young person’s summer. Our camps provide unique, hands-dirty opportunities for learning, growth, and fun - all at our working ranch on the stunning Marin County coast. Campers spend their week immersed in the natural world, becoming stewards of the environment. Each camp week is loaded with creative, enriching activities led by skilled environmental educators. Campers milk our goats, care for our chickens, hike our wild lands, explore tide pools, get crafty with wool and nature, tend and harvest our organic garden, make farm fresh food, learn about plant and animal ecosystems, and more. 

This engaging experience will spark a life-long appreciation of the outdoors in your child, and help them explore how people and the environment are all connected.

In 2017 we hosted 10 weeks of Summer Camps, each targeting specialized age groups from 5-13. There were also three weeks for teenagers ages 14-18 to serve as Junior Camp Counselors, cultivating teaching and leadership skills through helping with camp groups.

2017 Summer Camp Dates: 

Week One June 12-16
Ranch Rangers (5-13 yo)

Week Two June 19-23
Slide Explorers (5-8 yo)

Week Three June 26-30
Ranch Rangers (5-13 yo)
Junior Camp Counselors (14-18 yo)

Week Four July 3-7
Ranch Rangers (5-13 yo)

Week Five July 10-14
Slide Explorers (5-8 yo)
Junior Camp Counselors (14-18 yo)

Week Six July 17-21
Junior Farmers (8-13 yo)

Week Seven July 24-28
Slide Explorers (5-8 yo)
Junior Camp Counselors (14-18 yo)

Week Eight July 31-August 4
Junior Farmers (8-13 yo)

Week Nine August 7-11
Ranch Rangers (5-13 yo)

Week Ten August 14-18
Ranch Rangers (5-13 yo)

Read on to learn more about each camp week, scholarships and aftercare.

The Slide Explorers camp weeks, geared for our youngest campers, abound in hands-on, sensory-rich activities in a slightly shorter day format.  Campers discover exciting tastes, smells, textures and colors in the garden and in simple cooking projects.  They make connections with and learn how to take care of animal friends. Days are full of fun and games, story-telling, songs, crafts, hikes, beach play and exploration. Children develop their understanding of the needs of animals and plants and make connections with their environment and each other.

Ranch Rangers, our all-ages camp weeks bring everyone together to enjoy the wonders of Slide Ranch. A great way for siblings to attend camp at the same time, small groups are designated by age and guided in developmentally appropriate activities.

In our Junior Farmers weeks, older campers gain an in-depth experience through longer day format and more advanced activities. Campers participate fully in ranch life, practicing principles of organic gardening and animal care, and undertaking stewardship projects. They contribute ideas towards shaping their experience, including making choices about more ambitious craft and cooking projects. Guided by a Slide Ranch teacher and working as a team, campers investigate native plant and animal habitats and ocean/tidepool ecology, and take on more challenging hikes to explore new terrain.

Slide Ranch offers Junior Camp Counselors (14-18) the opportunity to experience Slide Ranch camp in a leadership role, assisting the Teacher-in-Residence in leading a group of Slide Explorers and being a role model for the young campers. The first day of camp includes orientation and training to help prepare them for this role. Junior Camp Counselors are not required to have previously attended Summer Camp at Slide Ranch.

What Does Your Child Do at Slide Ranch Summer Camp?

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Slide Ranch emphasizes hands-on experience and exploration of our working farm and surrounding countryside. Campers are encouraged to touch, taste, smell, hear, observe, and ask questions. We focus on teaching respect for animals, plants, the earth and each other. Slide Ranch campers milk goats, collect eggs from chickens and ducks, card and spin wool, create nature-based crafts, learn to compost, plant seeds, harvest and cook from our organic garden, and explore the tide pools and trails of our beautiful coastal lands. 

Slide Ranch Teachers-in-Residence, lead small, age-based groups of about 8-10 campers, tailoring the activities and focus to the interests, age, and needs of the campers in each group. In 2017, the camp day began at 9:00am and ended at 2:00pm or 3:00pm, depending on the week. Aftercare was available Monday through Thursday until 5:00pm for an additional fee. Campers brought their own bagged lunch each day, and received a Slide Ranch t-shirt.


In Aftercare, campers enjoyed a variety of outside adventures and projects, suitable for all ages and energy levels. Activities included spending time with the farm animals, nature journaling, games, garden scavenger hunts, and more. In 2017, aftercare was offered in 1-hour increments (charged hourly), starting at the end of each camp day, continuing until 5pm, Monday through Thursday (no aftercare available on Fridays).

Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available by application for low-income families and will be awarded on the basis of need and availability.

Help A Child Attend Summer Day Camp

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Slide Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on donations to subsidize our programs and give low-income families and community groups the chance to experience the wonders of nature and learn about healthy and sustainable living. 

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